Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Governor Christie Won’t Run for President Since He Has Made A Commitment To Attain Every McDonald’s Monopoly Game Piece

TRENTON, NJ -- New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a man often cited as a potential candidate for the GOP’s 2012 Presidential nomination, has pulled his name out of the running after citing personal concerns about being able to both run for President and successfully attain all the game pieces for McDonald’s Monopoly promotion being held during the next month.

“This is as an important time for Presidential candidates since many people will be paying close attention to the Republican Debates scheduled over the course of the next few weeks. More importantly, however, is that the Monopoly game will stop on October 27th, and I need to make sure I can get to McDonald’s as often as I can in order to fill out my game board,” said Christie through a mouthful of Chicken McNuggets.

Governor Christie’s assistant, Samantha Dunaway, told Transmissions From The Woods that there is no chance of Christie changing his mind. “He kept reminding his team and his supporters that ‘McDonalds only does this once a year’ and that ‘it’s way better than anything Burger King or Sonic does.’”

When TFTW asked Dunaway if she thought that Christie’s obligation to the state of New Jersey would be compromised in anyway by this McDonald’s promotion, she said, “He’s already committed to spending a better part of the next few weeks working via the free Wi-Fi at the McDonald’s on Cass Street.”

Along with the board game company Hasbaro, McDonald’s has rolled out the Monopoly sweepstakes every single year since 1987. While the game has taken different shapes and sizes, Christie has participated in the event every year since it’s inception. His typical order includes one of every item that contains game pieces, and a Sweet Tea since they Christie’s favorite and only cost another dollar.

“The 2011 Monopoly game board looks amazing this year. Of course they are still offering their a million dollar grand prize, but they are also offering the biggest prize pool that they have ever had.” said Christie in response to being asked a question related to President Obama’s job bill. “I’m glad that they didn’t get rid of the spa getaway. I won that last year. I took my helicopter over there and just had myself a day. “